17 Awesome Ways To Announce You're Expecting


It’s always fantastic to hear that a love one is expecting a baby, afterall they are cute little bundles of joy! Nowadays it’s much easier to share the good news, instead of sending it out via a card to family and friends. People can get very creative these days to accounce the start of their new chapter in life.


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1. The Things You Have To Do …


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2. Will Smith Is The Man!

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3. What A Way To Announce It

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4. Celebrity Announcements Are The Thing These Days

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5. A Lot Of Effort Was Put Into This One

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6. Ah The Traditional Bun In The Oven … Nice One!


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7. I’d Go See That Movie !

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8. These Just Get Funnier And More Creative …

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9. He’s Just Doing His Homework

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10. A Great Song … A Lovely Announcement

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11. Poor Cat Is In For A Rough Time

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12. It’s A Me Baby Mario

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13. Oh You Gotta’ Love It

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14. The War Is On


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15. What A Creative Way To Announce It

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16. Strange But Cool At The Same Time


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17. Yeh … This One’s A Little Strange

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