Abandoned and Taken from Shelter to Shelter, 16-Year-Old Pup Gets the Transformation He Never Expected

An amazingly friendly and adorable pup, Bear bounced around without a forever home. As a 16 year-old senior, he hadn’t received any offers for adoption. Despite his sweet demeanor, the no-kill shelter workers assumed Bear spend his last days in the kennel he’d grown so accustomed to. Thankfully, there were wrong.

Cuddling in his blankets that laid on the concrete floor, Bear was ready for another insignificant day; he wasn’t prepared for the miracle that happened instead. Once Bear’s forever family laid eyes on the pup, they knew without a doubt he was meant to be theirs.

After some quick paperwork, their journey began! Step number one? A new name for the precious dog. Bear didn’t seem fitting for a kind, matured spirit … but Norman did. Norman was dignified, age-appropriate, and above all, brand new.

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Imgur / Norman’s Journey

Next order of business? Lunchtime. The only thing about Norman that matched his previous name was his appetite. The dog was basically an empty barrel, eating anything and everything put in front of him. Food went in as fast as Norman could inhale it. Even so, the pup always remembered to say thank you. After all, he’s a gentleman!

Imgur / Norman’s Journey

After a few weeks of a nutritious diet, daily exercise, and constant cuddles, Norman transformed into a brand new dog. His demeanor, personality, temperament, lustrous coat, nearly everything started to transform. Instead of sickly and weak, the animal was healthy and a ball full of energy (especially for a 16-year-old dog!).

Imgur / Norman’s Journey

Of course, all the excitement had to sleep sometime! Norman graciously declared his spot near the couch, living the high life with multiple naps every day. The loving animal enjoyed daily snoozes on top of his favorite ‘Dora the Explorer’ fleece blanket. 

Imgur / Norman’s Journey

Norman’s completely different look matched his equally opposite lifestyle. Recognizing he was loved and cared for made a huge impact on his last years. Stress, anxiety, and desperation were no longer the emotions seen in Norman’s face. Peace, content, and relief replaced them.

Imgur / Norman’s Journey

Norman has aged quite well, to say the least. as a 16-year-old senior. Looking past the gray hair and long whiskers, his owners swear he’s still an excited, rambunctious young pup. His forever family wouldn’t think of trading him for anything in the world … or everything.

Now that’s love.

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