When These 2 Kids Tried to Sell Their Giant Teddy Bear for $50, It Didn't Look like Anyone Would Buy It

Challenged by their father to make some money of their own, Allen and Brandon Alexander set out to make their first paycheck. 

The brothers from Los Angeles set up shop on the sidewalk and tried to sell their 2.5-metre tall teddy bear. 

Just when it began to seem like there wouldn’t be any takers, a car pulled up and a generous celebrity who is well-known for her love of children, jumped out!

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The sale price of the teddy bear was $50

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And no one seemed to be interested

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That’s until Angelina Jolie and her daughter Shiloh pulled up!

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Angelina not only bought the bear but paid double – giving the brothers $50 each!

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Angelina even took the time to say hello to Allen and Brandon’s parents who helped the mom and daughter put the bear in the car

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Angelina made Allen and Brandon’s day and showed them the value of patience and effort.

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