When This Horse Decides To Go On A Solo Jaunt, His Owners And Pony Pals Are Confused

Horses have to be the most incredible creatures on Earth. Many people think they are quite simple beings, but this curious animal proved to his owners that he has a very unique personality. 

In this awesome video, a beautiful white horse decides to disobey his daily routine and go for a bit of a prance.

Charity Richey-Bentley films the entire occurrence, and is obviously shocked by the animals behavior. While he’s kept horses for years, she comments that she has never seen this behavior before.

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The happy family of owners and six horses have a morning routine that never wavers.

Edge, the herd leader, always comes in first to get his breakfast before the others. However, on this particular morning, he decides to bypass the gates and head out for a jog through the woods instead. When Charity pans over to the remaining horses, who are probably just waiting for to be fed, they seem equally intrigued by their leader’s behavior.

Eventually, Edge finishes his impromptu exercise and heads in for breakfast. As he sprints past the camera, legs covered in mud, you can see what a magnificent creature he is.